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Our Mission

Our mission is to instruct local youth in the game of baseball, with emphasis on building skills, teamwork, leadership, and collaboration.

Our Vision

Our vision is to teach any interested child how to play baseball, knowing that a positive, encouraging, collaborative sports environment fosters personal growth, builds confidence, and offers joy, and that those tools will encourage kids to continue developing as players, fans, and citizens.

Our Community Responsibility

We do not charge for participation, and we encourage anyone who wants to play baseball to join us.  Beginning with the Winter 2021 season, in lieu of a 'fee', we are asking our players to perform organized community services.  We have teamed up with  Engaged RI, a community initiative to foster environmental understanding and boost sustainability practices on Roosevelt Island.  Any kid signing up for Coach Scot Baseball is encouraged to participate in an Engaged RI activity or perform organized social responsibility in their own neighborhood. Events we have participated in as a group include: 'Plogging', which is cleaning up while jogging, hosting tables/booths at the island's Halloween festival, and helping out at our local compost.  The kids very much take pride in their participation, learn lessons, and have fun.

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