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The 3 of Diamonds - Bobo Baseball Marathon

3 Bobo's 30 Stadiums 1 Fantastic Summer! Enjoying baseball, and raising awareness for Team Continuum!

Below is the 1964 Clarke Cortez motor home we acquired for this trip.  This was being transported to California where we would pick it up after the Giants game and live in it while we zig zag our way east across the country.












This is the closest we came to the Motor Home:




It rolled off the transport in Hayward, (near San Francisco), but could not stop. The 44 year old break line ruptured while on the transport. While repairing the breaks, (great mechanics in Hayward), we discovered the clutch needed to be bled and the battery charged. Common Sense won out over the Coolness Factor, and we realized the most necessary entity on our journey should not be the oldest.  We are abandoning the Cortez, (contact if interested). 


As our friend Jimmy likes to say, "Breathe in, breathe out. Move on."


Below is the faithful "Tracey". 




She is the van we rented for the first week of our trip. We keep extending the rental agreement and Tracey became part of our family.  We're still looking for a motor home, but given the complexity of the journey, it's going to be hard to find and acquire the right one.  So when we had to return Tracey, we were able to acquire her younger cousin, Tracey Junior. This is what we are driving, studying (and occassionally sleeping in), now.

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