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The 3 of Diamonds - Bobo Baseball Marathon

3 Bobo's 30 Stadiums 1 Fantastic Summer! Enjoying baseball, and raising awareness for Team Continuum!

Jonah, his father Scot, and cousin Ezra, aka "Big Ez" travelled to every stadium across the country as a way to pay homage to the sport kids love, and support people who are fighting cancer here and now.  Click here to take the journey with them in pictures.


They were planning this trip for about 10 years.  Scot and Ezra knew that it would be the summer of 2009 - the summer after Ezra graduated from college and before Jonah's Bar Mitzvah.  It would be great down-time before Ezra embarks on a career in medicine, and study time as Jonah prepares for his big day. 


And then it all came together.


A once-in-a-lifetime trip like this provided a special opportunity to help others.  Jonah, inspired by twelve year old neighbor Valeria Reyes' valiant fight against cancer, has decided to make Team Continuum his charity of choice as he takes on social responsibility planning  for his Bar Mitzvah. 



Team Continuum gives cancer patients and their families the “every-day cure” of support by filling in the physical and emotional gaps so patients can focus  their strength on their treatment. What differentiates Team Continuum from  other cancer fundraising organizations is the immediacy of its mission: While the multitude of other organizations and research facilities work diligently toward finding a cure, Team Continuum focuses on making each today, the here and now, more bearable for cancer patients, because every day, “today” is the most important day in a cancer patient’s life.  Please consider making a donation to Team Continuum.

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