Winter Sunday Baseball 2020 / 2021

Best for kids 8 - 14 years old, Coach Scot Baseball is a clinic-style format where each week begins with fundamental instruction and drills, designed to improve all abilities for all skill levels.  We work on fielding, catching, throwing, hitting, and specializations such as first base, pitcher and catcher.  Following 'fundies', we play a our famous Winter Wiffle Ball game with teams divided up by the coaches so that teams are fair and different each week.  


Winter Ball is designed so that each player improves their skills physically, as well as their knowledge of the game and its rules.  And more than anything, Winter Ball is F-U-N!  

Sessions take place from 6:00p until 7:30p at Sportspark Gym, near the tennis bubble by the tram.

All you need is your glove, (and we'll loan you one if you don't have one). It is all volunteer run and is 100% FREE!  Sign Up below so that we have kids ages and parent contact information.  Add your registration below to get on the Winter Ball mailing list for all updates.