Summer Sunday Baseball Beginning Summer 2020

Coach Scot Baseball is a clinic-style format where each week begins with fundamental instruction and drills, designed to improve all abilities for all skill levels.  We work on fielding, catching, throwing, hitting, and specializations such as first base, pitcher and catcher.  This is followed by a fun 'pickup' game.


Summer Ball is designed so that each player improves their skills physically, as well as their knowledge of the game and its rules.  It is voluntary and unaffiliated and FREE. And more than anything, Spring Ball is F-U-N!


    • Each session is 90 minutes, with seven kid players and two adult coaches on the field and one adult coach off the field. The seven players will be spread around the infield and outfield only. There will be no gathering in the dugout or on the field.  The session will proceed as below:

    • Start with warmups, where kids are 10 feet apart, and only running in one direction

    • One coach ‘hitting’ while all kids are in the field playing defense. The other on-field coach will provide instruction from at least six feet away. The off-field coach will monitor the site to prohibit gatherings, and be the chaperone should any kid(s) need to come off the field to rest

    • Kids taking turns hitting while a coach pitches to them. We will use a backstop instead of a catcher.

    • After infield and batting practices, we play a 'pickup' game.

    • The coaches will wipe down equipment and sanitize their hands before the next group of kids comes on the field


    • The coaches will begin setting up the field at 10am.  The first group of kids arrive and take the field at 10:30am.  That group will play until Noon and then leave the field. Coaches will take the next 30 minutes to sanitize the players and equipment. The second group of kids arrive and take the field at 12:30pm and play until 2:00, same format as above.


    • Baseballs, bats, and helmets will be sanitized before play begins. Bats and batter’s hands will be sanitized again after each kid’s turn at bat. Kids will each have their own helmet for use during play. We will have plenty of sanitizer and extra disposable masks on hand to use throughout the day, and all kids and coaches will maintain a six feet distance from each other all the times. All coaches and kids will wear face masks. No kids will be allowed to congregate on the field or in the dugouts.